Thread: Countdown timer question:

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    Countdown timer question:

    I am having a small problem with a countdown timer program.
    I want it to countdown the time from say 01: 00 : 00 to 00 : 00 :00.
    Here is the program.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <time.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    //A function for the seconds tick.
    void wait( int sec )
         clock_t end_wait;
         end_wait = clock() + sec * CLK_TCK;
         while (clock() < end_wait){}
    int main(void)
          int hours, seconds, s;
          time_t t;
          struct tm *tm;
          tm = localtime(&t);
          printf("Enter the number of seconds: ");
          scanf("%d", &seconds);
          s = seconds;
          while(seconds > 0){
          tm->tm_sec = s;
          tm->tm_hour = s/3600; 
          tm->tm_min = s/60;
          printf("%02d:%02d:%02d\n", tm->tm_hour, tm->tm_min, tm->tm_sec);
        return 0;
    The problem with the program is that it prints the time every time instead of just updating it like in a digital watch.

    I want the program to print the time: for eg: 00 : 24: 30 and then after a second to print
    00 : 24 :29.. but I want the new time to replace the old one and not print on a new line.

    Any sort of help would be appreciated.

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    replace \n with \r to go back to the beginning of the line instead of the next line in your printf
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    Thanks A Lot :)

    Thank you so much.

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    you need to use \r to delete what you want. just overwrite them with printf(" ");

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