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    Unhappy Capturing ALT in C

    Hey all, I have an issue, I would like to be able to detect the trigger of the ALT button when it is merely pressed so that it can be treated like any other button on the keyboard. I know it can be done, I just don't know how.

    I'm using Boreland C++ 5.02 and I'm coding a console app in C.

    I've tried all of the following:
    1) Keyboard Handlers - far too complicated for such a simple task, and further more, I only want to capture the depress of the ALT key, not hijack the keyboard from Windows...

    2) The Double Scan routine using getch() - doesn't work for my purposes. This routine does work, however, the user has to press ALT AND another key. I only want the user to press ALT alone to trigger an action. Y'know like how ALT triggers the activation of the drop down menu in DOS Editor? Yeah, like that.

    If any of you smart guys can show me how it's done, without re-inventing the wheel, please respond. Thanks in advance.
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    GetAsyncKeyState() from <windows.h>

    check the docs at msdn or in your help files for its use.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Smile Yeah but how do I use it?

    Hey thanks.

    I see where GetAsyncKeyState will help, the only problem is, the help does NOT show how I can USE this command!

    I'm still a bit lost. Do you know how to use the command?
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