Thread: Executing program from a Command Line

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    Executing program from a Command Line

    How would i go about executing a program from a command prompt with the input file name and output file name as command line arguments? forexample if my program is named "program" the command i need is >program mycode.c output.txt< it needs to be runnable from a DOS or Linux command line prompt. how woujld i go about doing this? i have no idea

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    short answer: program.exe mycode.c output.txt

    Long answer to follow. . .

    The C standard defines main something like:
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    The command shell forms up the command and all parameters into an array. Each space creates a new parameter. So, for the example above your argv would be:

    argv[0] = "program.exe"
    argv[1] = "mycode.c"
    argv[2] = "output.txt"

    and argc would be 3.
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