Thread: Character counting issues from Kernighan text

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    Character counting issues from Kernighan text

    I've just started to learn C programming, using book 'The C Programming Language' by Kernighan and Ritchie.

    I'm on 1.5.2, and the following program (provided in the book) is supposed to count characters that I type in:

    #include <stdio.h>
    /* count characters in input; 1st version */
        long nc;
        nc = 0;
        while (getchar() != EOF)
        printf("%ld\n", nc);
    However, when I build and run the program (using Code::Blocks and Pelles C IDE compilers), the program does not count and display the characters I input.

    On Code::Blocks, I received no warnings or errors when compiling, but on Pelles, I received the following warning on compilation:
    C:\Users\...\Documents\cpractice2\cpracticeb1.5.2. c(4): warning #2099: Missing type specifier; assuming 'int'.

    I would like to know what may be wrong. Thanks.

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    It's not supposed to (re)display the characters you type, just the total number, which it does. I'm guessing your issue is "how do I type EOF at my computer", which given you are on windows is "type Ctrl-Z on a line by itself".

    (As to the warning, back in the old days you could just leave int off in a surprising number of places. Nowadays, not so much.)

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    Hey thanks.

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