Thread: getchar() doesn't wait for input

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    getchar() doesn't wait for input

    What's going on here? It seems that the program isn't waiting for me to input a character, but just skips right to the 2nd number. It's almost like it's taking the newline from num1, except i am using fflush(stdin) so it shouldn't be doing that. Notice that the 3 printf statements i put in there to show me what is going on, the one for operator comes up with a blank line meaning I think either space or new line... There may be problems with my if/else if, but I won't be able to work on it until my program deals with the operator first. I'd like to concentrate on that, even if you see a problem with my if/else if structure. Here is the program & output follows it:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main (void)
    	/* declare variables */
    	/* ***************** */
    	float num1, num2, result;
    	char oper = '+';
    	/* display greeting */
    	/* and get info     */
    	/* **************** */
    	printf("Welcome to the Acme Simple Calculator!\n");
    	printf("Enter a number: ");
    	scanf("%f", &num1);
    	printf("num1 = %f\n", num1);
    	printf("Enter a math operation +, -, *, /: \n");
    	oper = getchar();
    	printf("The operator is %c", oper);
    	printf("Enter a second number: ");
    	scanf("%f", &num2);
    	printf("num2 = %f\n", num2);
    	/* calculate results */
    	/* & display results */
    	/* ***************** */
    	if ( oper = '+' )
    		result = num1 + num2;
    	else if ( oper = '-' )
    		result = num1 - num2;
    	else if ( oper = '*' )
    		result = num1 * num2;
    	else if ( oper = '/' )
    		result = num1 / num2;
    		printf("Invalid operator.\n");
    return 0;
    } /* end main */
    [Session started at 2010-04-26 21:52:34 -0700.]
    Welcome to the Acme Simple Calculator!
    Enter a number: 3.5
    num1 = 3.500000
    Enter a math operation +, -, *, /: 
    The operator is 
    Enter a second number: 9.7
    num2 = 9.700000
    The Debugger has exited with status 0.
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    fflush is not for input streams. You are invoking undefined behavior, which in your case, means it doesn't work the way you think it should.

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    I expect that it's your fflush(stdin) that fails, and your getchar() ends up snatching the new line character left in the buffer.

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    Agreed, it doesn't seem to be working. Any thoughts on how I might go about getting rid of the new line character then?
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    A pretty standard approach is to use something like this:

    while(getchar()!='\n') FAQ > Why fflush(stdin) is wrong FAQ > Flush the input buffer

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    Not to mention - THIS ->
    You've had your one free fix.
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