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    Question char* Problem

    This is my first post, so please forgive me if I haven't followed the guidelines correctly!

    I am writing a C function which returns an integer and accepts a char* as an argument. The function is an if block to compare the text in the char* value (or should I say the location to which it points!) and set the integer to a value depending on the text value:
    int function_name(char* input)
        int outputNum;
        if (input == "TextValue") outputNum = 0;
        else if (input == "OtherValue") outputNum = 1;
        else if (input == "OneMore") outputNum = 2;
        else outputNum = 3;
        return outputNum;
    This isn't the actual function: I cannot post the actual function as it is part of a proprietary package I am writing!

    The problem I am having is that whatever text value is passed in, the int is set to 3 (the else value), even if the char* is, say, "TextValue". When invoking the function, I do as:

    function_name(input); where input is of type char*.

    Am I missing something very basic or is there something else to it? I have thought about the strstr() function in string.h, but I would like to avoid that if, at all, possible.
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    In terms of posting, you should read the sticky "Posting Code? Read This First!" or similar.

    In terms of your question, you should read the manual on strcmp.

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    Apologies! I shall remember for next time about the code button!

    Thank you for the strcmp() function - does exactly what I need it to do!

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