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    extern defined functions

    I am trying to include externally defined functions in my main function but when I try to compile using:

    cc assemble.c pass1.o pass2.o getsource.o -o assemble
    I get the following errors:

    assemble.c: In function `main':
    assemble.c:57: warning: passing arg 1 of `getsource' from incompatible pointer type
    pass1.o(.text+0x178): In function `pass1':
    /home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:63: undefined reference to `breakup'
    pass1.o(.text+0x24f):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:78: undefined reference to `insert'
    pass1.o(.text+0x2ec):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:84: undefined reference to `breakup'
    pass1.o(.text+0x370):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:93: undefined reference to `findfirst'
    pass1.o(.text+0x3e6):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:102: undefined reference to `insert'
    pass1.o(.text+0x41b):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:111: undefined reference to `findfirst'
    pass1.o(.text+0x4e6):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:129: undefined reference to `storageincr'
    pass1.o(.text+0x539):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:141: undefined reference to `storageincr'
    pass1.o(.text+0x58d):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:153: undefined reference to `opcodeincr'
    pass1.o(.text+0x655):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:171: undefined reference to `breakup'
    pass1.o(.text+0x68f):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:176: undefined reference to `findfirst'
    pass1.o(.text+0x705):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:185: undefined reference to `insert'
    pass1.o(.text+0x74f):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass1.c:196: undefined reference to `findfirst'
    pass2.o(.text+0x178): In function `pass2':
    /home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass2.c:68: undefined reference to `breakup'
    pass2.o(.text+0x24c):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass2.c:82: undefined reference to `breakup'
    pass2.o(.text+0x2b7):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass2.c:92: undefined reference to `findfirst'
    pass2.o(.text+0x37f):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass2.c:110: undefined reference to `storageincr'
    pass2.o(.text+0x3b1):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass2.c:123: undefined reference to `storageincr'
    pass2.o(.text+0x3d7):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass2.c:133: undefined reference to `opcodeincr'
    pass2.o(.text+0x4b5):/home/37/n00449937/cop3601/pass2.c:171: undefined reference to `breakup'
    getsource.o(.text+0xb1): In function `getsource':
    /home/37/n00449937/cop3601/getsource.c:24: undefined reference to `hprintf'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    Here is the code in my assemble.c program that is trying to include the externally defined functions:

    /* Pre-Processor Directives */
    #include "cop3601.h"
    #define SYMBSIZE 10
    #define SYMBLIMIT 200
    #define SOURCELIMIT 500
    typedef struct
       char symbol[SYMBSIZE];
       int value;
       int casenmbr;
       int otherinfo;
    } tabletype;
    typedef struct
       char *lbl;
       char *opc;
       char *opr1;
       char *opr2;
       int *ni;
       int *xbpe;
    } comptype;
    extern int getsource();
    extern int pass1();
    extern int pass2();
    char sourcelist[SOURCELIMIT][81];
    int sourcecnt;
    int errors[SOURCELIMIT];
    tabletype symbtab[SYMBLIMIT];
    int symbtabsize;
    tabletype codetable[]=
       #include "codetable"
    int codetabsize = sizeof(codetable)/sizeof(tabletype);
    char objline[81];
    /* Prototypes */
    int getsource(char *filename[]);
    int pass1(void);
    int pass2(void);
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    { }

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    Somebody has to write those functions that are missing. If it wasn't supposed to be somebody else, I guess that somebody is you.

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    I have the functions written, and they're in the same directory

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    Then compile them, and link them with everything else.

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    that's what I'm trying to do but when I compile it still says it has an undefined reference

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    You didn't put any of the functions in assemble.c. What file did you put them in? You need that file too.

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    Ok, I figured out a way to compile it that seems to resolve the issue, thanks for the help

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