Thread: Quick questions with linking?

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    Quick questions with linking?

    I was just wondering if you were compiling to get a header? like

    /home/Desktop main.c
    and the header for that was in

    i would probably have to

    gcc -I./h main.c main

    Something like that but I was wondering if i just added in the path

    export PATH=$PATH:/home/Desktop/h

    Would that be the same thing as linking in the compile line so i would only have to

    gcc -o main.c main

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    I do not think that the compiler will check the system path for include locations, but it depends on the compiler implementation.
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    Not the system path, but gcc does follow $C_INCLUDE_PATH, which is undefined by default.


    The g++ equivalent is CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH.
    Also, gcc/g++ or ld (the GNU linker) follows this one:


    You can export those from your .bashrc. Then you can compile yer libraries, put them ~/lib, put the headers in ~/C/include, and use:

    #include <myheader.h>
    gcc whatever.c -lmylib
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