Thread: formatted text from file.?

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    formatted text from file.?

    Can someone tell me something about reading text from a textfile (c-prog)
    I'm want to make a program, which can store info. in a file, and this info. will be kept in a file, so when I turn on the program again, so one don't have to write all the info. more times..Is like a database.
    fx. it can be as follows:
    Name: age Donation
    1. Morten Madsen 32 40.000 kr.
    2. Grethe Jacobsen 58 420.000 kr

    Then you can call the date, with fx 1. then the name and age and donationsdate will be located into a struct, so I can use it on the screen
    struct data
    char name[30];
    int alder;
    float donation;

    But how do i read the formatted text from the file, så I can split the textstringup into 3, so the can go into the struct on the right places.

    Does anybody know anything about this, i'm having trouble finding manuals about this.



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    Use fgets to read the entire line of a record and then use sscanf to break it up into individual pieces. Here's a page that explains exactly what you want.
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    Yes, there are a whole slew (sp?) of functions to work with and edit/save/manipulate files. Prelude gave a good link to a tutorial that was written by an excellent programmer ...
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