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    Question File System I/O

    Characterize and compare the performance of file I/O by implementing reading and writing of files through the following three methods:

    I/O through system calls read and write

    Memory mapped I/O through mmap

    Buffered I/O through read and write

    You should implement a program that can either read or write blocks of a given size from a large file. The user should be able to specify the I/O method to use for reading and writing. For example, writing blocks of 1K through system calls (the first method above) may be done as follows:

    iotest --method=syscall --blocksize=1024 --operation=write

    Use your program to measure the read and write I/O performance achieved through the three methods for various block sizes. What can you deduce from your observations?

    How do I start solving this?

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    What code do you have so far? Post it up, even if all it does is handle the command line options.

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    What's so difficult in this ?

    Create a multi choice function for the following 3 user-choices:
    -I/O through system calls read and write
    -Memory mapped I/O through mmap
    -Buffered I/O through read and write

    Read about Buffered IO and UnBuffered IO from the following link:
    Input and Output (I/O):stdio.h

    Read about mmap command ! see below:
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