Thread: Variable is not a structure and Sort char **

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    Sorting char **

    Alright, two questions here. First off I have a dictionary.h file and a HashDictionary.h and BinSearchDictionary.h each of which inherits from dictionary. What I want to do is have a variable dict which is either a HashDictionary object or a BinSearchDictionary object depending on the argument passed to the command line. What AI have right now is this:

    Dictionary * dict;
    if (hash)
    dict=new HashDictionary();
    dict=new BinSearchDictionary();

    When I try to compile I get an error: Variable dict is not a structure. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Second Question
    I am trying to sort an array of strings(char **) using qsort. I copy the strings into the array using strncpy and they copy fine. When I sort I get a weird output. Below is the code and the elements of the string after sorting.

    // stringArray is passed into the function as char * stringArray[],
    //and contains{"Apple","Hello","World","Here","I","Am",N ULL}
    char ** pa=(char **)stringArray;
    int x=0;
    while (pa[x]!=NULL)
    strncpy((char *)(_dictionary+numElems),pa[x],2048);
    qsort((void *)_dictionary,numElems,sizeof(char *),comp);
    return 1;

    And the Contents of _dicitonary after qsort:


    Does anyone know what the problem is here? Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Ok, figured out the first problem, still baffled by the second though.

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