Thread: Writing to an int array made with pointers

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    Writing to an int array made with pointers


    Could someone tell me why the following code is giving the following error?
             int* counts_add;
             int counts[NUM];
             int fts;
             counts_add = (int*)calloc(NUM, sizeof(int));
             for (j = 0; j < NUM; j++) {
                fts = counts[j];       
                *(counts_add + j*sizeof(int)) = fts;
    This counts_add array is generating memory management errors, and when I run valgrind on the program it says "Invalid write of size 4" at the line *(counts_add + j*sizeof(int)) = fts.

    I have identical (I think, I've checked several times) code in this same function except with different variable names and where instead of ints I have chars, and that works fine. So what is wrong with the writing I'm trying to do here?

    Thanks very much,
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    Assuming sizeof(int) is 4 on your system, you are trying to write to counts_add[0], counts_add[4], counts_add[8], ..., counts_add[4*(NUM-1)]. If you intend to go by ones instead of fours, then you should take the four (i.e., the sizeof(int)) out.

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    >*(counts_add + j*sizeof(int)) = fts;
    You're way over-complicating the use of pointers.
    Pointers already know how to scale for the data type they point to.

    So you can just do this
    counts_add[j] = counts[j];
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    Thanks! tabstop's fix worked.

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