Thread: Having the output of a While loop feed directly into an array

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    Having the output of a While loop feed directly into an array

    The below program (that I didn't write) prints to the screen the first 100 prime numbers. I am tiring to get it to put the 100 prime numbers into an array.

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    int p, number;
    int count=0;
       while (count < 100) {
          while (number < p) {
             if (p % number == 0) {
                number = p;
          if (number == p) {
             printf("%03d. prime number is %4d\n", count+1, p);
       return 0;
    I started by defining an array "int prime [100];" and the printf function above and replaced it with "p=prime[]" then "p=prime[100]" , then "p=prime" and finally "prime=p", but it wouldn't work

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    I think you are going to want to read up on arrays a little more. What you want to do is very simple, and very achievable with some knowledge on arrays. If you have read a tutorial or something and you aren't sure about them, then ask what you aren't sure about instead.

    It's better to get a general understanding of the way something works than to just try to apply it in an example.

    There are plenty of guides on arrays, just google "C Arrays".

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    Hey Kevin, welcome to the forum.

    You're like me - basically backwards, sometimes. Not:


    prime[count] = p;, right inside your if statement near the bottom of the program.

    And since this IS C:

    prime[count++] = p; //and you can delete the count = count + 1

    Make sure you have:
    int prime[100] = 0;

    in the code, right at the top of main();

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    Thanks for the Help

    Adak and DeadPlanet,

    Thanks for the help.

    I need to do a lot more that just tutorial on arrrays. I have been doing a few, but it's been taking a couple of goes for the info to sink in.

    Thanks again

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