Thread: Please help with last detail on this

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    Please help with last detail on this

    Why does this code return all the grades as F, and not A B C or D

    #include <stdio.h>
    #define N 10
    int main(void)
      double grade[N], highscore, average_score;
      int sum, numraise, studentname, i;
      char score;
      printf("Enter %d grades: ", N);
      for ( i=0 ; i<N ;i++ )
       scanf("%lf", &grade[i]);
       sum += grade[i];
       if (highscore < grade[i])
       highscore = grade[i];
     if (i >= 90.0)
     else if (i >= 80.0 && i< 90.0)
     else if (i >= 70.0 && i< 80.0)
     else if (i >= 60.0 && i< 70.0)
     else if (i < 60.0)
     average_score= sum/10;
     for (studentname = 0; studentname < 10; studentname++)
     printf("Student %d's grade is %.1lf, this is an %c\n", studentname+1, grade[stu
    dentname], score);
    printf("The highest score is %.1lf\n", highscore);
    printf("The average score is %.2lf\n", average_score);
    return 0;

    Thank you!
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    Why is every grade returned an A?
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    Okay it's taking the last entered grade and using that to compute the letter grade for all the inputs, I see that much...

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    You're using i as your loop counter, and then comparing it to your grade constants.

    There is no point within your current loop (when N is defined as 10) where i is anything greater than 60.

    I think you want to compare the constants with grade[i] instead.

    Oh, and in the interest of flexibility/ease-of-change, you might want to change average = sum / 10 to average = sum / N. Otherwise, if you change N you will get the wrong average.

    Also, you will probably want to change N to a less common name. I think that the C preprocessor will still replace defined constants if they are in the middle of a word. For example, if you had a variable called Number, it would give you a compiler error because it would replace the N with 10. I don't think this is actually an issue in this particular piece of code, but it's good practice.
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    This is a duplicate thread, please don't post in it.

    See the real thread "need guidance on project", also by Lightyear, and up to page 5 already.

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