Thread: Basic and GENERAL strtok question

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    Basic and GENERAL strtok question

    In strtok, if using in ala
    char token = ",";
    // code here //
    str = strtok(line, token);
    if line doesn't contain any tokens but is a string, would it return a base address/position?
    Then if used again, would return a NULL?

    This seems to be the case in some code im looking at, this correct?

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    Here, 'token' is just a single character, not a string. Anyway, from the man page:
    The strtok() and strtok_r() functions return a pointer to the beginning
    of each subsequent token in the string, after replacing the token itself
    with a NUL character. When no more tokens remain, a null pointer is

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    ? So what your saying is...

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    If line does not contain token, NULL is returned.
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