Thread: deleting numbers in text files

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    deleting numbers in text files

    HI people,

    I am trying to delete numbers from any text file. I have this much so far:
    int main(){
         char c, filename[10]; FILE *fp;
    	 printf("Eneter a filename");
    	 scanf("%s", filename);
    	 if((fp=fopen(filename, "r")) !=NULL){
    	      while ((c=fgetc(fp)) !=EOF)
    			fputc(c, stdout);
    		   printf("could not open file ", filename);
    	 if (isxdigit(fputc(c, stdout))){
    printf("\nThere is a number");
    printf("\nThere are no numbers");
     printf(" \nEnter a filename");
    	 scanf("%s", filename);
    The files opens, and compiles but it does not match numbers.
    Can anyone help


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    If you want to check whether c is a numeric character, you probably need to do that before you destroy it (by reading the next character).

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    Note that c should be of type int to correctly check the EOF condition
    To be or not to be == true

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