Thread: Colour printing in ncurses

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    Colour printing in ncurses

    I'm writing some stuff using a text based interface. I've decided to go with PDCurses, which essentially is curses for the windows DOS prompt. It mimics the traditional ncurses api in all aspects. Though I am having trouble with printing colours. I can print colours fine onto the STDSCR window, although I cannot print to any other window in colour.

    Here is an example. If you are on a UNIX based system change the header to ncurses.h

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    	if(has_colors() == FALSE)
    		printf("Your terminal does not support color\n");
    	init_pair(1, COLOR_RED, COLOR_BLACK);
    	WINDOW *testwin = newwin (10, 10, 0, 0);
    	box (testwin, 0, 0);
    	wrefresh (testwin);
            attron (COLOR_PAIR (1));
    	mvwprintw (testwin, 0, 0, "%s", "Hello");
    	attroff (COLOR_PAIR (1));
    	wrefresh (testwin);

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    attron() works on stdscr. If you want to set attributes for a specific window, use wattron(). This use of of ‘w’ for a specific window is the general behavior of curses—note how you had to use wrefresh() instead of refresh() on testwin. Of course there are exceptions, but that's curses for you.

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    Yes, I just came across it in the tutorial I was using. It never mentioned that function before agh, oh well, thanks for the help.

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