Thread: flushall in code::blocks !

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    flushall in code::blocks !

    Hello , This is my first post in this forum .
    I am using code::blocks as C compiler and I need to use the Gets (..) to read strings from user so Flushall is very recommanded .
    I try to use the flushall function but it seems not declared !!!
    undefined reference to `_flushall'
    . I have of course included the stdio.h library and I ve cheked that "flushall" is existing in this library !! so what doing?

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    _flushall is not in the standard <stdio.h>. MS provides it as part of their <stdio.h>, but that doesn't help much if you're not in a MS compiler. I would be surprised if anyone needed to use gets(), as no one ever should use gets(). With more information about what you want to do, we can provide more suggestions.

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