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    Hello again

    I was trying for a while understading but i can't figured it out.

    When i get this code
    char op[]="cr test";
    char **comando=teste(op);
    printf("COMANDO1: %s\n",comando[0]);
    it work nice comando[0] is cr and comando[1] is test.
    but i i put
    char op[]="p 1 3";
    char **comando=teste(op);
    char *com=comando[0]; /*it will be "p"
    int *x=comando[1];/*should be 1
    int *y=comando[2];/*should be 3
    printf("comando:%s %d %d\n",com,x,y);
    don't work as i expect.
    it does like this
    Letrorium>p 1 3
    comando -1081791238 -1081791236


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    That code will not produce the output you describe. In fact, the code won't even compile because of type mismatches.

    The statement "char *com = comando[0]" is invalid as comando[0] is a char (with value 'p') and com is a pointer to char.

    The statement "int *x = comando[1]" is invalid, as comando[1] is a char, and x is a pointer to int.

    Incidentally, comando[1] is the value of the second character in op. That is a space character which, with on many systems, has the value 32.
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