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    Simple copy command

    Does anybody know the command to copy a simple text file from one directory to another in your file system? I know its pretty basic but having real problems, Thanks

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    Copying file:

    You can copy the file from one directory to other using the following command.

    cp sourcedirectoryname/sourcefilename destinationdirectory

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    in msdos terminal it's VERY different: (note the good old uncomfortable backslash)
    copy sourcedirectoryname\sourcefilename destinationdirectory

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    A rename would be even better as long as it's on the same drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoob View Post
    A rename would be even better as long as it's on the same drive.
    I think you'll need to elaborate about why that's better, because it doesn't make much sense to me.
    Renaming the file wouldn't copy it.
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    I'd suggest this discussion is misplaced in the C programming forum. The method to copy a file from the command line varies between operating systems and, to some extent, between command line interpreters (aka shells).
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