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    Smile data structure element

    I am working on a software project, I have the following data structure:

    struct saa7134_input {
    	char                    *name;
    	unsigned int            vmux;
    	enum saa7134_audio_in   amux;
    	unsigned int            gpio;
    	unsigned int            tv:1;
    My question is what tv:1 mean here?



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    Typically, when you'd see something like that is when you are attempting to "break out" a masked byte/short/int/etc. This means "give tv 1 bit in this structure". There is absolutely no advantage to doing this in this struct as the length of tv will still be four bytes on a 32-bit OS. Mainly you'd use this in conjunction with a union to be able to access all bits at once, as well as independently setting the bits -- Just use masks, that is so much easier.

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