Thread: including .h file in .c file of the same name?

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    including .h file in .c file of the same name?

    There is a #define that I need in both of my source files. How do I do this without getting a duplicate error?

    Do I include the .h file into the .c file of the same name?

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    Just define it in the .h and include the header in the source file.

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    segmentation fault
    #ifndef BOBO
        #define BOBO "barfoo"
    You can include that as many times as you want.
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    It shouldn't matter. Your header shouldn't have anything in it that makes it not be able to be included in different .c files in the same project. I mean, you can include stdio.h in each of your .c files without it complaining ... why should yours behave any differently?

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