Thread: Volatile, nested structs

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    Volatile, nested structs

    I can't figure out why I get "warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type" when I do this:
    struct b_struct {
        int *data;
    static volatile struct a_struct {
        struct b_struct b;
        int data[10];
    } a;
    int main(void)
        volatile struct b_struct b; =; /* This line gives a warning. */
        return 0;

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    1,012 is “volatile pointer to int”, is “array of volatile int” which turns into “pointer to volatile int”.

    That is, with the array of int, each int is volatile. With the pointer, the pointer itself is volatile.

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    I thought volatile was treated the same way as const, i.e. this makes a "pointer to const int":
    const int *ptr;
    So this makes a "volatile pointer to int" and not a "pointer to volatile int"?
    volatile int *ptr;
    EDIT: Okay I got it. Putting volatile on the struct makes each variable volatile, which for pointers means that the actual pointer becomes volatile and not the data it points to.
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