Thread: Read colums from a file to inser them in structs

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    Wink Read colums from a file to inser them in structs


    I must read information form a text file and i am currently using the function strtok to separete the information that is in colums to insert it into a structure in the program.
    Anyway, i think that's not the best and simple way to do it, so i wonder how it could be done.

    I have something like this: (colums separate by \n and lines by \n)

    Each line would be in a structure and each field in an element of each structure.

    I think there must be a better way to trade with this problem as this text organization is very used in logs or small things that doesnt requiere from any BD.

    Thank you

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    I don't see any problem using strtok. Alternatively if you know for certain that there are only 4 fields on each line you could read everything in one string and parse it yourself. However, that is basically the same thing as strtok-ing it.

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