I'm attempting a patch on an open source project(Wine) but have not worked on a project of this magnitude before and I have a question.

The task:
A function is currently included in one of many exe's being compiled for this project. We'll call that executable exe1. I need to transfer that function over to another executable we'll call that exe2.

The problem:
To transfer the function over to exe2 and maintain its proper behavior, I need to make use of some of the additional functions from the header file in exe1. Since these exe's exist in different directories in the project, the makefile did not allow me to do a relative reference to include the header file from exe1.

Possible Solution:
1) Find a way to include the header file from exe1 in exe2. Though this does not increase the size of the git project, it will make the size of exe2 larger than it needs to be since I don't need the entire contents of the exe1 header file.

2) Create a duplicate of the required header file in exe2's directory and strip out all the functions which I do not require to avoid excess code. This increases the number of files in the git project but exe2's file size will be optimal.

I'm sorry if this is a ridiculous question but I just want to make sure I'm using proper project collaboration etiquette.

Thanks in advance.