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    Question How much time it takes K&R...

    to be finished while reading carefully means understanding almost everything, solving all the questions (mostly with help of others, but understanding their solutions in detail) etc. until Chapter 7 - Input and Output.

    While keeping in mind that I started the programming for the first time from this book although I heard this is not the best book to start C programming for the first time.

    Based on the above facts could you share your general opinion? (moths, weeks etc.)


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    I don't know of any measurement of that, let alone an average.

    It all depends on how much time you have to study/practice, and how quickly you can learn and memorize (some syntax at least), the necessary material.

    An excellent first book is Ivor Horton's "Beginning C Programming", second edition (and probably any edition thereafter). His problem solving examples are great!

    K&R is the best book I've read to show the spirit of C - the wisdom of C: Use short simple functions, concise and direct.

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    While I consider my self very sufficient in C and C++ I learn new things every day. It took me about 2 years to really get the ball rolling in C. Although I was 14 when I started. I wouldn't worry about how much time it takes really. I would just dive and start working.

    It could take less time if you understand other programming languages. If this is your first then it will probably take a lot more time.
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    It took me six months to really stand out fro the basics in C but it I think it all depends on your intrest

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    It took me 6 months to finish K&R. It is a bible of C programming .

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    As much as you need. Pick a pace that is comfortable for you and keep at it.

    (While K&R is an important book in C programming culture, it is not the best one to learn C programming by for someone without previous experience. I appreciated its language and style -- it matches that of C itself, but it's for programmers, by programmers, and as such doesn't explain some topic in sufficient depth.)

    In my humble opinion, C Primer Plus (now in 5th ed.) is a very good book for someone looking to learn programming and do that with C.

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    Learning to program is like learning a foreign language. You get better at it every day. You should be less concerned with measuring your learning performance and more focused on reading and writing a lot of C code. Eventually you will get to understand more and more and the language will become second nature.

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