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    debugger visual C++

    How does the debugger of Microsoft Visual C++ work??With F10?? And how do you exit the debugger to return to the build screen?

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    F10 causes 1 line of code to be executed at a time, therefore you can check vaiable contents.
    If you want to step into a function use F11.
    There should be a button with a red cross on it for exiting the debugger or there should be an option in the build menu.
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    If you want to set breakpoints, go to the line of code you want the execution to stop at and press F9, you will see a little red stop sign to the left of the line of code your cursor is at. Then when you start debugging (either use the menu or hit F5) the program will run up until the break point you have set, then you can use the F10 or F11 keys to move through you code line by line. This keeps you from having to start from the beggining of your 5000+ lines of code and using the F10/F11 keys to go through the code line by line 4000+ times until you get to where you want to check things out.

    On the bottom left of you screen, if things are set up the same way as with me, you can type in the names of variables and see their values to the right of the name. Do this for things like structs and you can click on a '+' symbol to expand the structure to see all the data members within. As you press F10/F11 in your code, you will get to see these values change as various parts of your program get executed.
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