Thread: Reading lines separately from a file.

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    Reading lines separately from a file.

    Hi all!

    During my OS assignment, I'm having a little problem regarding filing. The problem is that I'm to read each line in a separate array and after that perform further operations. I've initially read the entire file in a char array and after that I intend to split it up accordingly. The file is in the following format:

    P1 0
    12 2 21 2 12 32 18
    P2 9
    13 17 3 21 45 67 21

    (and so on)

    I've written the following code:

    (Variables definitions and all)
    f=fopen ("umer.txt","r");
    if (!f)
          printf ("Could not open the file.\n");
    while (fgets (s,'\n',f)!=NULL)
          if (s[i] == 'P')
          printf ("%s", s);
    printf ("processes are: %d\n", processes);
    printf ("\n");
    while (s[i]!='\n')
          printf ("char is: %c\n", s[i]);
          printf ("-%d-", i);
    But when I output the supposedly initial charaters from the array s[i] (which contains the entire file supposedly), it outputs 4,5,7,6. (It should output the first line of the file, i.e P1 (a tab) 0)

    What should I do? Any help would be highly appreciated.


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    Where is i in the midst of this? You can't just use the same value for i the whole time.

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    fgets (s,'\n',f)
    you should really start reading the reference guide instead of dropping random parts of the code together in hope that it will somehow work...

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    It's actually:
    fgets (s,1000,f)

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