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    Simple C programming question

    Hello all,

    I have a simple question that deals with programming a PIC 12F675 micro controller using C.

    A little background: I have a comparator circuit in front of the PIC chip supplying either about 1.8V or 0V. These levels are supposed to act as either 'logic high' or 'logic low'.

    Basically I want the chip to read the logic high at an input and fire off 2 logic high signals at 2 separate outputs. If the chip reads a logic low, I want it to do nothing.

    I wanted to set a threshold level at 1.8V so the chip would interpret this or anything higher as 'logic high' since i can't get the full 5V to it. If the chip sees anything less than 1.8V, I want it to be considered logic low.

    My previous approach was to use the A2D converter built into the chip. The number 96 comes from the 1:64 prescalar and is supposed to represent 1.8V.

    I know this is simple and I may be way off. Any help is much appreciated!!!!!!!!!
    .................................................. .................................................. ..............
    #include <pic.h>


    CMCON = 0b0000011; // Disable comparator
    ANSEL = 0b00111000; // Enable ADC
    ADCON0 = 0b00000001; // Turn on AD Control Register
    OPTION = 0b10000101; // Configure TMR0 with 1:64 prescalar
    TRISIO = 0b00111100; // Configure GP1 as ADC output
    // Configure GP0 as LED output
    // Configure GP4 as ADC input signal

    GPIO1=0; // Initially set ADC output low
    GPIO0=0; // Initially turn the LED off



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    To be or not to be == true

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    Hi Boxo, you may also want to post your project on the PIC12F6xx forum at Microchip Technology User Forums

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    Thanks for the comments back..I actually got it working after 12 hrs of coding. Mountain dew made a lot of $ off me.

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