Thread: Can't understand this block of code

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    Can't understand this block of code

    Can someone help me to understand why there are semicolons after the brackets in this method, and or what it actually does? It's part of a program that constructs a sort of linked list.

    int print2d (struct node2d *p2d) {
        struct node1d *p1d;
        while (p2d) {
    	printf("The 2d-node has name: %s\n", p2d->name);
    	p1d = p2d->first;
    	while (p1d) {
    	    printf("\t %s has a 1d-node with name %s\n", p2d->name, p1d->name);
    	p2d = p2d->down;
        return 0;

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    The semicolons after the brackets don't really do anything, they're not needed but don't hurt anything.

    Looks like node2d is a sort of table (linked list) containing several rows (node1d's) and print2d just prints out their names...also looks like the while (p1d) loop is missing the iterating statement, there should be something like "p1d = p1d->next;"

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