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    Join variable with string


    I'm trying to convert a C# program to a C version and I'm encountering all sorts of little problems. I try to solve them as a go along, but I can not figure out how to do the following:

    in C# I have (table_name is a string variable):

    string query = "SELECT * FROM " + table_name + " LIMIT 100";

    I would like to translate that line to C, but the support for strings is not that great. I have experimented with strcat and strcpy, but I can not get it to work. All help is welcome. Thanks.

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    Look into something like sprintf.

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    Thank you very much, sprintf did the trick.

    The solution for my problem was:

    char q[100];
    sprintf(q, "SELECT * FROM %s LIMIT 100", table_name);
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