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    Question Member Functions

    My teacher has introduced me to Member functions. Unfortunately the example he showed me was for C++. I was wondering if there was a similiar funcionatility in C.

    If so, can someone show me an example?

    example C++
    struct test {
        int smile;
        void get_info();
    int main()
       struct test test;
   = 3;
       return 0;
    void smile::smile()
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    You can get the same functionality as member functions with function pointers in C. The function pointer acts exactly like a pointer to a simple variable and all normal rules apply. C++ member functions have a much simpler syntax though
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    struct Fooby 
      void (*getInfo) ( const int input ); 
    } static foo;
    static void getInfo ( const int input ) 
      printf ( "The number is %d\n", input ); 
    int main ( void )
      foo.getInfo = &getInfo;
      foo.getInfo ( 10 );
      return EXIT_SUCCESS;
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