Thread: Please help me finish my assignment.

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    Please help me finish my assignment.

    Can someone please help me finish my assignment i am so frustrated i tried everything ..

    i am trying to write a function that lists all the student records in linked lists in the hash index. The records are printed in the following order: the records in the list headed by hashtable[0] are printed first in the ascending order of the student_id, then the records in the list headed by hashtable[1] are printed in the ascending order of the student_id and so on.. the order of the printed records depends on the positions of the records in the hash index. Each record is printed in the following format :


    if there is no record in the hash index, print:

    no record

    the function is :

    void listRecords(Student **hashtable);

    So this is what i've done so far but it still doesn't work:

    int i, j;
    Student temp;

    Student *s;
    for(i=0; i<HASHTABLESIZE; i++)
    for(j=i; j<HASHTABLESIZE; j++)
    if(s[i].student_id > s[j].student_id)
    temp = s[i];
    s[i] = s[j];
    s[j] = temp;

    }printf("%d:%s:%s:%.1f\n", s->student_id, s->lastname, s->firstname, s->gpa);

    if(s[i].student_id != s[j].student_id)
    printf("no record\n");


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    1) Post your code using CODE TAGS!!!

    2) When you have pointers to structs like Student *my_student you access my_student's members via the little arrow instead of dot. (i.e. my_student->gpa)

    3) Do not access pointers pointing to nowhere (like *s in your program)

    4) Why are you passing Student **hashtable to the function if you are not using it anywhere?

    Work on these issues and post again.

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    Code tags!!!
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