Thread: Strings as integers

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    Strings as integers

    Hi, how would I convert a string such as "ThisisASTRing" to an integer. I'm trying to find the key value for a hash table which has a size around 1055 spaces.


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    You can't get the integer value for a string. But you can get the integer value for a character.


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    You can use atoi...

    int atoi ( const char * str );

    atoi - C++ Reference

    Or parsing it yourself wouldn't be too hard (though a waste of time IMO). Loop through each character, convert it to numerical value from char encoding (probably ASCII), multiply it by the base and accumulate it.

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    I suspect what unknown_ is looking for is "string hashing" or "hash function". Searching for those terms using google will provide plenty of information - albeit, like all such things on the internet, a mix of good and bad.
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