Thread: Checking to see if all memory is free

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    Checking to see if all memory is free

    I want to make sure all memory is free (From malloc). I'm barely allocating space, so I can't really tell from System Monitor. Not to mention everything on google is people complaining about Windows using all of their memory up.

    What's the best way to make sure I free everything?

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    Have you tried using a debugger?

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    If you are barely allocating any space the easiest way should be to just make sure you have a free that corresponds to each malloc. Does your program run continuous or for long periods of time? This is really the only time you should have to worry about memory leaks(assuming you are running code in user mode). Upon program termination Windows should free any and all of the memory that was allocated for that program. Obviously this is bad form. As long as you free your mallocs you should have no worries.

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