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    So i have to write this function that creates a node to hold a student record specified by siid(student_id), lastname, firstname and gpa. After creating the new node i have to insert it to the proper list in the hash table pointed by hashtable. The memory of the new node is dynamically allocated. my question is: Two students cannot have the same student_id , so if the inserted record has the same student_id with an existing record in the list my program should print to the standard output:

    insertion failed: student_id xxxxxx already exists

    where xxxxxx is the student_id valuemy second question: If the insertion of a record is successful it should print:
    record xxxxx inserted

    this is what i have so far:

    void insertRecord(Student **hashtable, unsigned int sid, char *lastname, char *firstname, float gpa);

    Student *p, *head;
    p=(student *) malloc(sizeof(student));

    int i;

    Student *s;/*node*/

    if (s==NULL)
    s->student_id =sid;
    strcpy(s->firstname,firstname);/*copying first and lastname to s*/
    hashtable[sid%M] = s;

    {/*s != NULL;*/
    s = s-> next;

    if (student_id = s)
    printf("insertion failed: student_id %d already exists\n", sid);
    printf("record %d inserted", sid);

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