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    char to bits representation

    Hi All
    Sorry for basic question but i am new to this problem. I search alot but could not succeed.

    I have 3x3 char array

    when i store them in an image using libtiff library on Linux OS,left most 1 appears on 8th position and second 1 appears on 16th position.

    I need them on first 2 positions as they are instead they are on 8th and 16th.

    How can i convert the above array to bits from chars so that it appears as it is, when i store in image.

    Thanks for help

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    that's because a character, or unsigned character is represented by 8 bits. I think what you're after is 11000000 (binary) = 192 (decimal).

    What you have is 1,1,0 (decimal) = 00000001, 00000001, 00000000 (binary)

    EDIT: you could always bit shift the value 1 into a character/unsigned character. That would be another way of achieving 11000000.
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    Have a look at the bit masking on the internet, it will show you on how to set and unset bits in a given btye.

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