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    Question sscanf question

    Hi All,

    I wonder how sscanf can take the width of a string as a vaiable. For example, in the following sscanf function call:

    sscanf(buf, "%s", name);

    if name is defined as char name[SIZE], how can we put SIZE in the above sscanf call , instead of putting an integer value?


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    A quick search brings up thsi nice solution here
    Quote Originally Posted by rmat_string_If_possible_how
    You can't specify a variable field with a fixed format string, but you can get around this by making the format string variable:
     int width;
     char format[20];  /* or whatever size is appropriate */
     int value;
     sprintf(format, "%%%dd", width); /* generates a string like "%5d" */
     scanf(format, &value);
    This example is for "scanf", but of course can be applied to "sscanf".

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    Re: sscanf question

    yeah you can give like,

    sprintf(format, "%%%ds", SIZE);
    sscanf(buf, format, name);
    If you didn't specify the length also name will store only SIZE no. of characters.
    If free location is there it will point remaining characters also. So that you can view the all characters while printing that string.
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    > sprintf(format, "%%%ds", SIZE);
    It's not quite so simple...
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main ( ) {
      char  buff[20];
      scanf( "%10s", buff );
      printf( "Buff=%s, len=%d\n", buff, strlen(buff) );
      return 0;
    $ gcc foo.c
    $ ./a.out 
    Buff=this_strin, len=10
    If you simply use the buffer size, then that is how many characters will be read - EXCLUDING the \0.
    The \0 would go beyond the size and result in a buffer overflow.
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    So I can just do the below:

    sprintf(format, "%%%ds", SIZE-1);
    sscanf(buf, format, name);

    Thanks everyone!

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