Thread: Debugging an IF statement

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    Debugging an IF statement

    Hi all,

    for my little program i need a check for input of "cd" the change direction command in linux.

    for some reason, this code is giving me a segmentation fault when myarray contains nothing...

    ie nothing was entered from the user.

    if(strcmp(myarray[0],"cd") == 0) 
    the code works...but when the array contains nothing it seg faults.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    segmentation fault
    If by "empty" you mean an uninitialized local array like this:
    char array[10][32];
    That's because those could contain anything right now. So your strcmp is called on an uninitialized value. If there are no '\0' in it, strcmp() will go out of bounds.

    You can initialize to zero this way:
    char array[10][32] = {0};
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    Re: Debugging an IF statement

    If you give the declaration statement of myarray it will easy to say answer.

    And you can check whether myarray[0] it is NULL or empty string.
    or try to print what value myarray contains.

    // If it is a pointer you can check like this.
    if(myarray[0]!=NULL && strcmp(myarray[0],"cd") == 0) 

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