Thread: Accessing Keyboard via C

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    Accessing Keyboard via C


    Today we were learning bytes and bits and the complements used in class, I am wondering if its possible to turn the caps lock on/off using the 1's complement and 2's complement? like if we can use bitwise operator and make it positie or negative? i dunno if this can be done but if someone knows of a similar program or a POC plz paste it here, thank u


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    Re: Accessing Keyboard via C

    I know, In linux we can access the keyboard using ioctl function in c.
    ioctl function used to control the devices.
    I don't know about other OS.

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    Standard C does not include any capability for directly accessing the keyboard (whether reading keystrokes directly or changing settings like capslock).

    The techniques to do this sort of thing depend on your operating system. sganesh has given a response that workers for linux; other operating systems will require something different.
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    Refer the link , hope that'll be useful

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