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    Complete list of functions

    Hi ..

    Is there any place where i could get a COMPLETE list of functions in "math.h" or any other header file for that matter ?
    And i mean COMPLETE .. for example today i found out that math.h has a function called "hypot(x,y)" that returns sqrt(x*x+y*y) .. now i was unable to find it on the web ..

    Any links ?

    Thanks !

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    Visit the following link.


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    Thank you

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    You could always open the header file and see for yourself.
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    You can also view all the functions in the header file by the following way.

    Include the header file in your program.After that,place the cursor in the header file and press gf,it will go to the header file where all the functions are defined.

    (NOTE:This will work if you use vim editor).

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