Thread: variable value not assignment to function argument

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    variable value not assignment to function argument

    [I'm new to C programming and I have this assignment that requires me to design a program that asks a user to guess a value and then the program will calculate the derived value from the input using a mathematic equation given in the assignment. The problem I'm having is that after the user enters the value, it is not assigned to the variable and as a result I keep getting weird values when I printf the input value. For e.g
    int main {
    double x;
    printf ("Please guess a value: ");
    calculate (x);
    return 0;
    calculate (double x) {
    char buf[20];
    char *p;
    if (fgets (buf, sizeof(buf), stdin) != NULL) {
    x = strtod (buf, &p);
    if (buf[0] != '\n' && (*p == '\n' || *p == '\0')) {
    if (x > 0) {
    printf ("Value = %d", x);
    The above is similar to part of my code. It appears that the value entered is not assigned to the variable x after the input is deemed valid using fgets. I'm not sure why is this so so can anyone tell me what's wrong with my code?

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    %d format in printf is for int

    double var should be printed with %f
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    First, you need to indent the code.
    Secondly, x's value will not reflect in main because a local copy of x is made inside the function. You need a pointer.
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