Thread: C code to use the carry flag (sbb/jnc)

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    C code to use the carry flag (sbb/jnc)


    I am trying to optimize some code that I use in a loop. I have an unsigned int and I test the left most bit to decide whether to take some action, then shift the remaining bits to the left. Right now I use:

    unsigned int tempbc; // previously filled with bits to process
    unsigned int val1, y;  // assigned elsewhere in the loop
    float val2; // assigned elsewhere in the loop
    // start loop
        if ((int)tempbc < 0)
            val1 -= y;
        tempbc += tempbc;  // shift 1 bit to left
    // do some other stuff
        if ((int)tempbc < 0)
            val2 += y;
        tempbc += tempbc;  // shift 1 bit to left
    I'm using MSVC and when I compile my code, it produces a test of tempbc with a conditional jump based on the sign followed by the add for tempbc. I'd really like to somehow change the code so that I can do the tempbc += tempbc first and then test or manipulate the carry flag but I can't come up with code to make this happen. (I don't want to use inline assembly because it is a complicated function and I'd like the code to be as portable as possible.)

    This is some pseudo-assembly code for what I'd like the end result to be.

    For the first case:
        add tempbc, tempbc
        sbb dummyreg, dummyreg  // -1 if carry flag set in add, 0 otherwise
        and dummyreg, y
        sub val1, y
    For the second vase:
        add tempbc, tempbc
        jnc LABEL_NEXT
        fisub y
    Hopefully that psedocode helps you understand what I'm trying to accomplish. Any suggestions?


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    I suspect that you cannot directly "test or manipulate the carry flag" in C without the use of inline assembly as C does not have the concept of a carry flag. It just stipulates the net effect of what happens when arithmetic on unsigned integers would otherwise result in an overflow.

    In the interest of portability, you might want to note that the result of (int)tempbc is implementation defined if the value of tempbc is not in the range of an int (yet that is precisely what you are checking for). Perhaps you should test for tempbc & (1U << (sizeof(tempbc) * CHAR_BIT - 1)).

    That said, your main aim is probably to avoid the conditional jump, and perhaps this will do it:
    /* ... */
    const unsigned int shift_amount = sizeof(tempbc) * CHAR_BIT - 1;
    /* start loop */
        val1 -= ((tempbc & (1U << shift_amount)) >> shift_amount) * y;
        tempbc += tempbc;
        /* ... */
        val2 += ((tempbc & (1U << shift_amount)) >> shift_amount) * y;
        tempbc += tempbc;
    On the other hand, it also introduces other operations that may lead to no net advantage. Remember to compile with optimisations turned on when comparing, and of course to check if there is any observable effect when actually running the program.
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