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    Cool Signals

    I am trying to work out how to detect a ctrl c, if the ctrl c is detected in the child the child of the parent will exit and return to the parent currently running a command line. I have tried to use signal handlers, but need some help.

    Much help will be much appreciated.


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    Trace the SIGINT signal by writing the signal handler.
    void sig_handler()
     --- /*handling SIGINT*/
    int main()
     signal(SIGINT,sig_handler);/*Call the function sig_handler whenever ctrl-c get pressed.*/
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    The signal function is used to catch the signal. And by that u can change the behaviour of the signal by your own functions. When you are giving ctrl+c at that time interrupt signal will be generated. That is SIGINT. when this signal is caught you may wish to do some actions. Have those actions in a function and you can use like follows

    signal (SIGINT, signal_handler_function);

    Note: include the header file signal.h in your code.

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    signal function is for just handle the signal.If you want to play with signals use sigaction system call.

    man sigaction

    It has some special flags to use.

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