Thread: How to display the values of a struct

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    How to display the values of a struct

    I have yet another question!

    How would you display the contents of struct?

    typedef struct
        char track[20];
        char trackname[20]; 
        char artist[20];
        char genre[20];
    }    song;
    E.G, in the code above, to printf the contents of trackname?

    A lecture provided:

               int x;
               for(x=0; x<10; x++)
               printf("%d", a[x]);
    But I have little knowldege for adapting this. I tried changing the decimal into char and changing 'a[x]' into song, song.trackname and a few other variants, but have not been able to get it to work.

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    You display them the same way you display any other variable of the same type (the type you actually want to display; i.e.: an int, an array of char, etc.), you just prefix it with the structure instance:
    printf( "foo.x = %d\n", foo.x );
    printf( "foo.arrayofchar = %s\n", foo.arrayofchar ); /* assuming it's actually a valid string */
    And so on...

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    Thanks, quzah, but what are you referring to with 'foo'?

    I have tried entering those 'printf's in different way, but am unable to get them to work. I am very new to programming, so sorry if this seems really simple.

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    Foo is just supposed to be replaced by the name of the instance of your struct.

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    Thank you! This worked. I am really grateful

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