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    need help to edit

    hi i have a program that is supposed to put in the number of student and marks and printf them out on the screen. this is not working can somone tell me what i did wrong
          char student[2][9];
          float marks[2][3];
          int numb,i,j;
          printf("how many student");
          printf("student name");
                printf("enter the mark");
         printf("%\n\n", "Student", "PRG", "DGS", " MTH", " ECR", " GED");
         for (i = 0; i < numb; i++) {
         printf("%s", student[i]);
          for (j = 0; j < 5; j++) {
           printf("%d ", marks[i][j]);

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    printf("%\n\n", "Student", "PRG", "DGS", " MTH", " ECR", " GED");
    This isn't right - the format string should have a %s for each string you want to insert into the output.

    I also suspect you're having a problem with your array bounds - you declare marks[2][3], but there are times in your loops when second index can increase up to 5.

    Also - you might consider posting the actual output and how it is different from what you expected - it makes it a lot easier for us to pinpoint the biggest problems.

    edit: Just wanted to point out that conio.h and getch() are not standard C - they just happen to be provided by your compiler. There's nothing wrong with using them when you're learning C - but I just think it's important to know what's standard and what isn't.

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    someonme help me

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    > for(j=0;j<5;j++)
    How big is your array?

    > scanf("%i",&marks[i][j]);
    What is the correct format for reading floats?
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