Thread: Char array strings problem

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    Char array strings problem

    First the code:

    typedef struct {
    char *data_string
    } obs
    int string_to_num(char string_in, int *string_out)
      char    *temp;
      temp = malloc((strlen(string_in)+1) * sizeof(char));
      strcpy(temp, &qstring_in);
      if (*temp == 'P') /* Test Passed. */
         *string_out = 1;
      return 0;
    problem is in my code I refer to a data pointer that points to the structure and -> to the data_string.

    I don't know how to pass it as an argument into string_to_num() as its not a char but a pointer...

    Does that make sense?

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    First off:
    int string_to_num(char string_in, int *string_out)
    string_in is not even a char *ptr, it's just a single char.

    Anyway, if you have:
    struct obs *obs_ptr;
    and you have malloc'd space for it AND the data_string inside, you can submit it to sting_to_num:
    Beyond that, I'm glad to see you are doing this a little bit at a time rather than write the entire function first and then be puzzled at what part of it doesn't work
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