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    I have been coding my own terminal over the last few weeks and I've stumbled upon a little problem.

    I can run programs from the terminal fine but when I try to run something in the background, for example, "firefox &" it still opens in the foreground.

    However if I put the '&' at the beginning, it does open in the background.

    Does anyone know the correct code to run things in the background?

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    Sounds like you've already figured it out.
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    It involves a different system call - what OS are you using? In *nix, you would fork(), then exec() in the child process. On windows, have a look at the spawn() family of functions. I'm a little confused about your question, though - you already have programs running in the background, it's just the placement of the '&'. So, what's your command parser doing? Or are you just passing all input to system()?

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    I think it was run as a background process only , but it might print some lines which makes you to think as a foreground process.

    If my understanding is right ?
    Please try this $ firefox >/dev/null &

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