Thread: y not float in Switch case

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    y not float in Switch case

    why we can't use other then integer constant in case of switch?

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    Remember that a letter is just a char, and a char is just a small integer. Also, that when you compare strings, you are returned an integer by strcmp().

    So can you have strings and still use a switch statement? Yes, sometimes - but you have to do the work around to get the integer the switch statement needs.

    Internally, I believe that a switch statement is made up into a look up table by the compiler. So every choice is basically an index into that table. Indexes can't be anything except integers.

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    It was never allowable because you aren't supposed to compare floating point numbers for equality. It would never work as you'd want it to.

    Scale and round your float to an integer first and use that in your switch statement. E.g.
    float f = 1.3;
    int i = (int)(f*10+0.5);
    switch (i) {
        case 10: // 1.0
        case 13: // 1.3
        case 17: // 1.7
        case 20: // 2.0
        case 23: // 2.3
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    > Internally, I believe that a switch statement is made up into a look up table by the compiler.
    It's one common approach, but not the only one.
    switch ( sparse ) {
      case 1:
      case 100000:
    You wouldn't want a lookup table if you have a large range which is sparsely populated.
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