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    Question Reading string from a file

    I have been trying to read a string input from a text file. In the code below, I open a file and assign it to FILE * stream. The file passed by argv[1] contains text file. I am trying to figure out a way how I can read the string contents stored into the buffer (curbuff) and then tokenize the string. I guess I can use strtok() to chop the string but I am not sure how would I extract the string out of the buffer. Any help would be appreciated.
            int cnt;
    	node *nodes;
    	int num_nodes = 0;
    	char curbuff[50];
    	FILE *stream = fopen(argv[1],"r");
    		if(stream == NULL)
    			perror("Invalid Input");
    			printf("line: %s",curbuff);		
    				if (num_nodes == 0){
                                nodes = calloc(1,sizeof(node_t));		
                    nodes = realloc(humans,num_nodes+1)*sizeof(node_t));					

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    segmentation fault
    You are telling fgets to read 545 bytes but curbuff only has 50 available.
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